A repository for reviews, overthinking analysis and whatever other random musings that I feel inclined to write about and don't fit neatly in a tweet or Tumblr post. If you know me already you might also know me as That Guy who had an anime- and geek culture blog ten or so years ago, and decided to get back into it because a certain international pandemic made staying indoors in front of a computer screen a relatively worthwhile way to spend your spare time again.

I really just wanted a private space that's ad-free and separate from the current online landscape that's dominated by a handful of social media giants. I'm nostalgic for the days of the "personal" internet before billionaire techbros with dubious political leanings dominated everything; when GRSI was a thing, people argued with each other on BBS forums, Twitter and Facebook weren't powerful enough to bring down entire countries, before clickbait algorithms started to kill journalism, and anyone could set up a blog or other personal website to write about stuff that they found entertaining or interesting for anyone to read and enjoy.

I'm just about old enough then to remember a time when monitors were CRTs and mice had balls, but apparently still young enough to enjoy live music and watch Japanese cartoons about supernatural monsters or giant robots and write about them afterwards. Perhaps the last thing the www needs is yet another forty-something white guy to publish his opinions for the whole world to read, but if you've read this far: thanks. I hope you are safe and well.

I do still have a Twitter account, a Tumblr and a Bandcamp page for my ongoing music recording project. Which naturally has a Soundcloud too. You can also find me on Instagram, Mastodon, Bluesky, and Cohost.

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